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One of Those Books

I think we all had at least one of those books as a kid ... you know, the one that we checked out of the library again and again, kept rereading until it wore out, could have recited the plot point-by-point and recited our favorite parts from memory.

One of mine was The Rains of Eridan by H.M. Hoover. I loved it so much when I was in elementary school; I remember carrying it around with me in a bag.

Looking at it from modern ideas of a MG or YA book, it doesn't fit. The story is told from the POV of an adult, Dr. Theo Leslie, and it's her story as much as it is that of Karen Orlov, the orphan she finds, protects, and mentors.

My conscious mind had forgotten it, but my subconscious seems to have absorbed it.

I had one of my weird writery dreams this morning, where I'm not so much a part of the action as directing it, making choices based on how to make it a better story. Like in this case, to change the protagonist's job from writer to jewelry designer.

And then I woke up.

When I did, I immediately started turning the plot around, to see how it would work as an actul book. Pretty well, actually; there's a beginning, a middle, and end, a couple of strong conflicts. (This isn't always the case.) But I also saw that it wasn't a viable YA book, which I'd been mentally plotting it as, because the adult was the protagonist rather than the teenager she protects and mentors.

And then I began to laugh. "Oh my god, it's The Rains of Eridan."

A quarter of a century later, and that story is still in the back of my mind.

Obviously, I need to track down a copy.

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