Kit (baka_kit) wrote,

My family is weird, part I've lost fucking count.

My mom, my sister, both nephews, and I went to Olive Garden for the older nephew's birthday. (In my nephew's defense, he's 20.)

As always, it was kind of meh.

But my mom and my sister are both on Weight Watchers. So they treated this as a sort of ordeal, a test of theeir willpower, as they split a breadstick. The whole thing felt bizarrely performative, as they turned self-denial into theater.

I'm not sure who the audience was supposed to be, though. Me, the nonconforming, fat daughter/sister? Each other?</i>

I came home and played THROW IT FOR ME, HUMAN! with Princess. (To the uninitiated, it might look like Fetch. But fetch is for dogs.)
Tags: food, my mom, my sis, predatory predatory princess, whole fam damily
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