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Just Write: 552 Words

Lynn Viehl (Paperback Writer) has recently started "Just Write" Thursdays, which are pretty much what they sound like: Write something, post online by midnight.

(Which means no editing. Which means this is going to be first-draft-tacular and epically info-dumpy.)

But I've been feeling really stalled with the pre-writing for The Gears that Grind. So I decided just to jump in, get into Sally's head, and see what she's up to.

Sally didn't hear the watchman until he was nearly upon her.

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(Copyright Kit Russell, 2014. This is first draft, unedited work.)
sleepy Hobbes

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1025 words in "Canine Cupids." Answered the eternal question "who let the dogs out?" (In this case, it was the ex who did it accidentally-on-purpose.) Introduced my main character to her future girlfriend, and her dog.

Days: 3
WTD: 2178
MTD: 2783
YTD: 2783

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