Kit (baka_kit) wrote,

So ONTD is on the login page,

And there's a Thing about one of the actors from Teen Wolf, which I don't watch. And it's yet another version of the ever-popular cycle.

Creators: *queerbait CisWhiteDudeX/CisWhiteDudeY LIEK WOAH*

Fans: So, when is CisWhiteDudeX/CisWhiteDudeY gonna become canon?

Creators: No homo, no homo, no homo, and did we mention, NO HOMO!

This time it's got the actor saying it would be "disrespectful" for his character to be gay. Ew.

And I just.

Here's the thing: I get that a lot of the shippers for CisWhiteDudeX/CisWhiteDudeY are gonna be cisgender heterosexual white girls with a fetish. That a lot of them don't actually give a single, solitary fuck about actual QUILTBAG people.

That still doesn't make queerbaiting okay.

Because while it might be targeted at the CisHetWhiteFangirl demographic, it still hurts the QUILTBAG people who are teased with but ultimately denied actual representation, and who have to listen to the actor say that it would be "disrespectful" to his character to imagine he would be anything other than heterosexual.

If you're defending queerbaiting by saying it's not aimed at QUILTBAG people, you're just saying that we're collateral damage, and it doesn't matter if we get hurt.
Tags: media, queerbaiting, quiltbag
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