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14 August 1974
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I'm 35 going on going on 20, owned by a Tortiemese (looks like a Tortoiseshell, sounds like a Siamese, has the attitude of both) cat named Hobbes, and took care of my grandmother for the last 5 years of her life.

I'm queer of the byke (bisexual dyke) variety; though I present as a dyke and am primarily attracted to women, I feel it would be dishonest do deny my attraction to and history with men.

I have two manuscripts that are currently in search of homes.

The Coming Storm: When the death of her brother-in-law leaves her in possession of vital information, Arhian Weaver risks a perilous journey to the headquarters of the Rangers, far in the North. A simple craftswoman who has never been more than a few days' travel from her home, she must brave strange cities, harsh terrain, and the dangers of the open road in her quest to find the Rangers' hidden base. But the worst threat is an undying hunter whose mission is to see that her message does not get through -- no matter what the cost.

Unlocked: When her therapist gave her a strange ritual to let go of her unresolved grief over the death of her father, Samantha Cates thought the worst that could happen was that she would feel stupid. But the ritual was designed to open a door that her father had sealed with his life's blood -- a door between dimensions that should have remained locked. Now, her ordinary life is under attack by creatures from an alien dimension. With her eight-year-old daughter's life at stake, Sam has to choose whether to run -- or stand and fight.

I'm also an art major (you can see I'm not likely to have a financially secure future) focusing on ceramics.

An alphabetical list of words or phrases that describe me includes: ablebodied, artist, bipolar, bisexual, byke, childfree, cisgendered (though I'm still working the bugs out), deist, family caregiver, fannish, fat, female, feminist, hearing, neurotypical, pain patient (I've been dealing with both migraines and TMJ for close to two decades and was recently diagnosed with trimeningel neuralgia), pescatarian, polyamorous, triathlete, United States American, veteran, white, writer.

No Pity, No Shame, No Silence: I was molested as a child. (And no pathologizing, kthxbai.)
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